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Principal Civil Engineer/CEO of SSE, Carrie Bristoll-Groll, to be honored in STEM in Style

Milwaukee Area Science Advocates STEM in Style

On February 23rd, Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) will reimagine the runway and use it to highlight inspiring women in STEM in the Milwaukee area. A Celebration of Women in STEM is a benefit to support science in the Milwaukee area and honor women in STEM for inspiring younger generations, creating a positive impact in the Milwaukee community, and excelling in their STEM careers.

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SSE invites you to join Team Spongestrong's Fight For Air Climb Fundraiser

For the second year, we are climbing to the top of the US Bank Building with the American Lung Association to raise funds for healthy lungs and healthy air, in honor of Steven Springob, who lost his battle with lung cancer in June 2016.

The funds we raise will help provide patient education and support important research and advocacy efforts for everyone living with lung disease including COPD, lung cancer and asthma.

As we Step Up to the Challenge, we hope you will too.

Donate Now or Join the Team

Considering joining our team to climb the stairs with us, or donate today, together we can make a difference! Please email Karen Springob at to order your yellow TEAM SPONGESTRONG t-shirt as shown in the team photo. Whether you join the team or just want a shirt, proceeds will go to the American Lung Association fundraising total.

SSE is hiring. View open positions:

Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC is a 15-year-old civil engineering firm specializing in stormwater management, green infrastructure/drainage design and hydraulic analysis.

Junior Stormwater/Civil Engineer Position Available
Posted December 29, 2017.

We are seeking a junior level civil engineer who is passionate about our field and desires an enjoyable work setting in a progressive, collaborative space. SSE is a team of creative and energized professionals, thinking both in- and outside the box. A Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from an ABET accredited college is required.

Those with previous experience in construction inspection, surveying, ecological/environmental, outreach, public speaking, CADD software and/or GIS software are encouraged to apply.

Senior Stormwater/Civil Engineer Position Available
Posted December 29, 2017.

We are seeking a senior level civil engineer who is passionate about their field and desires an enjoyable work setting in a progressive, collaborative space. SSE is a team of creative and energized professionals, thinking both in- and outside the box. Our Senior Engineer position will oversee and perform stormwater engineering services, assist staff with questions and brainstorming, perform quality reviews and assist with business development. 8 years similar experience, a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering and PE registration in the State of Wisconsin is preferred.

How to apply:
Our office is located in the Global Water Center, Milwaukee. These full-time positions offer flexible office hours in a relaxed yet exciting setting, with retirement and PTO, health/dental/vision insurance, and other standard benefits. Part-time options are available.

Send resume and salary requirements to:
Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC
Attn: Junior Civil Engineer Position -or- Senior Civil Engineer Position
247 Freshwater Way, Suite 410
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Or email to

Stormwater Solutions Engineering was honored at WEDC Marketplace on December 14, as one of the three finalists for Woman-Owned Small Business Of The Year, as shown in the pic with Governor Scott Walker.

Group photo of Carrie Bristoll-Groll and Scott Walker

Green Solutions Greenfield Luminary

Fox 6 Focus: These Soil Testing tips from Respect Our Waters help achieve the right balance when fertilizing your yard. (Video)

Listen As the SSE Staff Discusses Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) System for the North Point Lighthouse Ravine

North Point Lighthouse Ravine

North Point Lighthouse Friends spent years raising money to transform the 1888 station in Milwaukee's Lake Park from a decaying structure to gleaming public space.

“The keeper's quarters, it was in pretty bad shape, there was nothing to preserve in the inside. We took out the non-load bearing partitions and made exhibit space for what you’ve seen inside,” group president John Scripp says. Scripp says the undertaking cost $1.6 million, and after 10 tough years of work inside, the volunteers hadn’t mustered the energy or money to tend to the eroded ravine outside or its crumbling pedestrian trail.

The friends group knew storm water was a problem and installed a small rain garden. "One thing we didn't do was to put pavement on the driveway and our small parking area. Early on we wanted to finish it with some pavement that would be appropriate and thought of pervious pavement. But we didn't succeed in getting that done," Scripp says.

The volunteers' vision of what they could achieve expanded when they met civil engineer Carrie Bristoll-Groll. She owns Stormwater Solutions Engineering and was eager to test out a new stormwater management tool.

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Listen to Carrie's on WUWM's Project Milwaukee Innovation Forum

Portrait of Carrie in WUWM Project Milwaukee Forum

Cultivating talent and collaboration quickly surfaced as central themes of WUWM's Project Milwaukee panel discussion on innovation and the economy. Insiders shared ideas for how Milwaukee can become and remain competitive in innovative fields.

"There's definitely so much more power in all of our numbers together," says Carrie Bristoll-Groll, a civil engineer and founder of Stormwater Solutions Engineering. It develops systems to manage storm water and control flooding. Bristoll-Groll says the firm looks for innovative techniques. So it made sense to locate in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee. It houses water-related businesses and research firms.

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Listen to Carrie's interview about Women of Water on WKTI 94.5 (recorded on Sept 13, 2015)

SSE Hosted the Adopt-a-Beach(TM) Sheridan Park Beach Cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 19.

Adopt-a-Beach Sheridan Beach
Adopt-a-Beach Sheridan Beach
Adopt-a-Beach Sheridan Beach
Adopt-a-Beach Sheridan Beach
Adopt-a-Beach Sheridan Beach

22 volunteers collected 175 lbs of trash and debris from the shore.

Join Women of Water (WoW) on Facebook

Carrie is a co-founder and the organizer of Women of Water. All women, please click here to get added to the facebook page of events or email Carrie to get added to the email list:

SSE is first in Midwest to introduce
Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance!

Regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) is a series of step-pools atop a porous sand media bed. RSCs are able to function similarly to stable headwater streams, effectively conveying large flows, managing storm volumes, as well as treating many typical stormwater pollutants from impervious areas. Runoff entering the RSC will immediately slow in the pools, allowing for infiltration into the media bed and essential treatment processes to occur. Most of the runoff will leave the RSC as exfiltration into groundwater, filtered subsurface seep, or via evapotranspiration. A small fraction, usually between 1% and 15% annually, will leave as non-erosive surface flow. RSCs are an effective stormwater best management practice (BMP) in the Eastern United States, particularly in sensitive coastal watersheds. However, there is no known RSC currently built in the Midwest. Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC (SSE) is the only firm in the Midwest to offer RSC.

RSCs were originally used as retrofits for failing channels, swales, and at pipe outfalls. As they have become more prolific, their design has been adapted to include a wide variety of applications. For example, RSC can be used at different points within the BMP treatment train. An RSC located at the front end of the train will provide water treatment, peak flow mitigation, and reduce downstream BMP retention needs. An RSC located at the tail end of the train will provide safe, non-erosive discharge of treated runoff to receiving waters. RSCs are also able to provide water quality and conveyance for sites with 0- 5% slopes. They can provide safe conveyance in slopes up to 50%. RSCs are also adaptable to space constraints. They can be installed in the footprint of roadway medians and ditches to provide conveyance and treatment needs. Or the storage potential of RSCs can be optimized when more width is available. RSCs also provide many opportunities for enhancing site aesthetics, educational outreach, and recreational potential of a site, thus meeting many project goals in one design.

Case Study: Residence along the Rock River in Oregon, IL (Download our RSC PDF)

New Advisory Council Member Zeroes in on Urban Water Quality

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Stormwater Solutions Engineering
Featured in The Business Journal

Stormwater Solutions maintains track record of fixing water issues.
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Stormwater Solutions Engineering
"Jumps On" Global Water Center

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Planning and designing is what we as civil engineers do on a regular basis. At Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC, we aim to protect our neighbors and the green environment in which our projects are placed. It is our goal to improve upon the existing conditions in the areas of water quality, environmental impact, safety and aesthetics . Plan, Design, Protect.