Storm Water Management

At Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC we use our expertise in municipal drainage systems to prescribe new systems focused on:

  • planning the best storm water management practices for each new development
  • preventing flooding during minor and major events
  • protecting the receiving stream
  • providing water quality improvements

Each new development has its own set of special circumstances that need to be addressed on an individual basis. There are no “cookie-cutter” fixes, but rather a storm water solution specially designed and tailored to meet your special needs.

Storm Water Management Plans for Residential Developments:

  • 18th/Wright and 23rd/Brown Redevelopment, City of Milwaukee D.C.D. (rain gardens)
  • Schwendimann Hills Stormwater Management Plan, Hartford, WI (wet pond with infiltration basin)
  • Evergreen Ridge Subdivision, Dodge County, WI (wet pond and floodplain study)
  • Hefter Subdivision, Wayne, WI (wet pond with floodplain study)
  • Deer Brook Estates, Brown Deer, WI (wet detention pond)
  • Mt. Vernon Estates, Hartford, WI (wet pond and floodplain study)
  • Ezekiel Subdivision, Milwaukee, WI (infiltration swales and detention)
  • Daisy Lane, Waukesha, WI (community rain garden)

Storm Water Management and Water Quality Plans for Commercial/Industrial Developments:

  • Crescent Electric, West Allis, WI. (Bioretention gardens in parking lot.)
  • Weix Industries, Richfield, WI (grass lined swales)
  • Milwaukee Water Works – Howard Avenue Plant SWMP – City of Milwaukee (proprietary storm water quality devices and grass swales)
  • Groth Construction Stormwater, Jackson, WI (infiltration trench)
  • Wittenberger Bus Company, Hartford, WI (Wet detention pond)
  • Zoellick Mini-Storage, Dodge County (constructed wetland and detention)
  • Jensen Auto Sales, Milwaukee, WI (infiltration swale and detention)
  • Brentwood Church of Christ, Milwaukee, WI (dry detention pond)
  • Muskego Plaza, Muskego, WI (Wet detention pond)