Watercourse + Flood Analysis (Flood Control)

When communities first developed along waterways, they chose a good location for their community using the stream for transportation, energy, food or water source, aesthetics and many other reasons. Flood protection was not a top priority when it wasn’t raining. As watersheds developed, adding hard surfaces and direct routes of storm water to the waterways, water elevations became more fluctuating with many devastating results. One major result is a higher or more frequent flood elevation along the stream or river. Homes and communities, which were built along the stream, now find themselves within a mapped “flood-zone”. Floodplain management involves making decisions to remove those homes and communities from the “flood-zone”. Those decisions may include creating flood storage, diversions, flood proofing or elevating the homes or buildings, or removing the buildings from the area altogether. Floodplain management also involves preventing situations like this for new development! Many unmapped or unstudied streams exist in our communities and especially developing areas outside the communities. Our engineers at Stormwater Solutions Engineering, LLC provide flood studies, hydraulic modeling and environmentally sensitive designs to provide you with a well planned new development for you, your stream and your community.

Floodplain Studies:

  • Drexel Avenue/I-94 Proposed Interchange hydraulic structure analysis. Box culvert installation proposed for interchange ramps for crossing of Unnamed tributary to the North Branch of Oak Creek, 2009-2010.
  • Kinnickinnic River Rehabilitation Project, 27th to 6th Streets, MMSD, Milwaukee, WI, 2007-present.
  • Yeko Bridge design, Upper Fox River bridge hydraulic analysis, Village of Menomonee Falls, WI, 2007.
  • Clearwater Drive Multiple 5’ x 10’ box culvert project, Underwood Creek, City of Brookfield, WI, 2007.
  • MMSD Kinnickinnic Channel Restoration Project, 2007.
  • Evergreen Ridge Subdivision, Dodge County, WI: storm water management plan, detention pond design and study of unmapped floodplain for new subdivision, 2005.
  • Hefter Subdivision, Wayne, WI: storm water management plan, detention pond design and study of unmapped floodplain for new development, 2005.
  • Mt. Vernon Estates, Hartford, WI storm water management plan, design of wet detention pond and hydraulic analysis of existing mapped floodplain to determine extent of flood fringe, 2004.